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Yael, the #1 bestselling author of Secrets of a Special Education Advocate, has over 30 years of experience of success working directly with children with special needs, including teaching "unteachable" children to read, write, do math, and improve behavior in the USA and abroad. In addition, she is known as an extremely successful special education advocate both in Colorado and around the country for the last 28 years, who proudly boasts that she has under a handful of cases which have gone to the legal system.

With a BA in Speech Pathology and an MA in Special Education, Yael was also  a licensed teacher for many years, and the mother of adult twins (who she claims were her very best course on child development).

Yael lives in Boulder, Colorado, and assists parents all over the United States. She spends some of her free time with a local hands-on goat milking co-op, makes fabulous cheese, and laughs that the goats act just like mischievous children; the goal is to figure out how to outwit them -- not much different than a challenging special education meeting!


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